Hospital Trust faces fine for breaching Health & Safety legislation

United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust faces a fine for breaching Health & Safety legislation after a hospital patient died when he fell while in a lifting hoist and was impaled on part of the equipment. John Biggadike, 53, suffered ‘catastrophic’ internal injuries after fell on to the protruding metal post. The jury heard that the fatal incident occurred because hospital staff were not using the equipment correctly and had instead devised their own way of operating it. This was therefore a breach of Health & Safety legislation. At the time of the incident in April 2012 Mr Biggadike, who lived in Spalding, was receiving physiotherapy at the Pilgrim Hospital, Boston, in preparation … Read More »

Wallace Roofing fined after an unsupported trench wall collapsed onto a worker

A Fife-based construction company has been fined after a worker had to be dug out of a trench after an unsupported trench wall collapsed onto him. Dundee Sheriff Court heard the 43-year-old employee of Wallace Roofing and Building Limited suffered a broken shoulder and collarbone as well as punctures to both of his lungs and fractures to all but two of his ribs. Emergency services helped the rescue operation following the incident in September 2011 at a house renovation in Falkland. A trench was being dug with an excavator to help connect the drainage system of the old property with a new extension. When the workers came across a boulder preventing … Read More »

DHL and JCB both fined after worker struck by overturning trolley and hydraulic rams

Two companies, DHL & JCB, have been fined after a worker was seriously injured by a trolley carrying hydraulic rams. Stafford Crown Court heard how an employee of DHL Services Limited (DHL) was auditing in-coming deliveries of equipment in an outside yard at JCB World Headquarters when he was struck from behind by the hydraulic rams as the trolley toppled over.  At the time of the incident the machinery was being towed by an electric tug and weighed approximately 770kg. The trolley carrying the hydraulic rams toppled on its side trapping the DHL employee between it and a stillage. He suffered multiple serious injuries including fractures and internal injuries. An investigation … Read More »

Construction company fined three quarters of a million pounds after asbestos failings

Barroerock Construction Limited has been fined after repeated asbestos failings. Canterbury Crown Court heard yesterday how the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) carried out two investigations of working practices of the site in 2013 and 2014 while Barroerock were converting into flats a former nine storey office building in Ashford, Kent, which was known to contain asbestos. The first investigation arose from a routine inspection during one of HSE’s refurbishment campaigns. The Court was told that while a refurbishment and demolition (R&D) survey had been carried out, the company had failed to act upon it. This resulted in up to 40 workers being exposed to asbestos during the early demolition … Read More »

Great Grandfather burned alive due to lack of risk assessment for smokers in care home

An outraged family has hit out at a care home for not properly conducting a risk assessment for smokers after a partially-paralysed great grandfather ‘burst into flames’ as he smoked a cigarette. Wheelchair-bound Cedric Skyers was burned alive when his cigarette set his clothes on fire as he smoked in the garden of the Bupa Manley Court care home in New Cross, London. An inquest heard he had to be identified by his dental records and would have survived had he been wearing a fireproof apron, been supervised or had an alarm. The 69-year-old’s son said his father, ‘was left for more than 45 minutes alone and in that time burst … Read More »