Fire Safety Management

What does this mean for my business?

SWS can help you design and implement a fire safety management system detailing how you will  control, monitor and review fire safety standards helping you ensure those standards are maintained. Fire safety management systems ensure that fire safety is actively and effectively managed within your business demonstrating commitment to fire safety, reducing insurance premiums and reducing the risk of fire to life and property. 80% of businesses never recover from a fire. Don’t let your business become one of them.

Fire Safety Management . What’s Involved?

Our fire safety management plan will describe arrangements for effectively managing fire safety in order to prevent fire occurring and, in the event of fire, to protect people and property.

The plan will specify the planning, organisation, control, monitoring and review of the fire safety measures and fire safety provisions in your premises.



  • How the responsible person proposes to complete the fire safety risk assessment and determine priorities in eliminating any hazards and reducing risks to persons.
  • Adopting a systematic approach for completing risk assessments to decide on priorities and to set objectives to eliminate or reduce risks.
  • Selecting appropriate risk control measures.
  • Establishing performance standards and implementing preventative and protective measures.


This should detail how the organization is structured and might include:

  • How health and safety information is communicated to all employees.
  • What employee’s involvement has been in complying with all aspects of the fire safety risk assessment?
  • Who will decide on the preventative and protective measures and those involved in implementing them?
  • Effective communication systems to employees and other employers or other responsible persons.
  • Securing competence by having adequate information, instruction and training.
  • A fire safety risk assessment
  • An emergency / evacuation plan
  • Details of fire drills and practice sessions
  • Housekeeping and fire prevention measures
  • Arson prevention
  • Maintenance arrangements


Identify the people (at all levels) who may have responsibility for carrying out the fire safety issues throughout the premises.

Established control measures should:

  • Clarify health, safety and fire safety responsibilities.
  • Ensure those with responsibilities understand their roles and responsibilities.
  • Set specific and measurable standards to judge performance.
  • Ensure adequate supervision.


Identify how the responsible person will measure the success of the fire safety policy. This should include regular checks of fire precautions, investigation of causes of incidents and the recording of other relevant information:

  • Have a plan and make routine inspections to ensure measures are in place and are being maintained.
  • Investigate all accidents to ensure lessons are learnt and procedures altered if necessary.
  • Record your monitoring activities and processes.


Identify a regular review procedure to include any identified deficiencies and a process by which they can be rectified. The review should:

  • Have mechanisms to ensure remedial work is carried out.
  • Have a system to ensure remedial work not done is prioritised and completed.
  • Review the management systems to ensure they remain effective.

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Fire Safety
Fire Safety Management

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